Thursday 17 June 2021

I've Met My New Mama!

 Oh, Friends!  It happened!  My mission has begun!

I tried so hard to stay awake, so that I would know the moment New-Mama got here, but I just couldn't.  

My siblings and I were in a snooze pile in our box when NannyGwen reached in.  "Here they are," she said.  "They are hard to tell apart ..."

Then she picked up one of my sisters.  "So this is one of the girls," NannyGwen said, and then she set my sister down in a different box.  Then she picked up my brother.  "Ah, here's one of the boys."

But wait!  That's my mama, NannyGwen!  Not his!

I tried really hard to see NewMama, but I couldn't see up and out of the box.  But then NannyGwen picked me up and placed me beside my brother, in New-Mama's arms.

Friends, it was so soft and warm there.  I knew right away that I was home.

"I don't know how to choose," New-Mama whispered.

It's okay, I tried to tell her.  We know how to do this.

A few moments later, my brother, New-Mama, and I were sitting together on the couch.  My brother took a long look at me.  It was time.

Goodbye and good luck, his eyes said.

I mewed my best wishes to him and snuggled in tighter, as my brother wriggled out of New-Mama's arms and walked away.

"It looks like you've been chosen," NannyGwen mused.

New-Mama reached a finger down and rubbed my cheek with her finger. "I think so," she said softly.

She knows!  I thought.  She knows I'm the one meant for her!  And then I relaxed even more.

NannyGwen went to pick out my mousie for me, and I just rested a bit as the humans talked. 

Tom-Dad came and checked to make sure I was okay.  New-Mama told us that my name would be Bronson, which NannyGwen liked very much.

Then we all went back to the room that used to be home.  Inky-Mom came and said goodbye.  I mewed goodbye to all of my siblings -- because I was the first one to leave ...

... and then New-Mama locked me in a jail box!

I don't remember this being part of the plan!


Today is the Day!

 NannyGwen made these little mousies for me and my brothers and sisters, as going away presents to take with us when we go to our new families!

I am so excited!  My new mama is coming to get me this afternoon, NannyGwen says.  I am a little sad to be going away from the only home I've ever known, but those 47 days have set me up to have a long and successful life, and I am ready!

The mousies are all so pretty.  I wonder which one NannyGwen will send with me?

Well, THAT was an Experience!

We got a bath today.

NannyGwen put us all in the tub, and then we got all wet and soapy, and we were rubbed a lot (which was nice), and the warm towel was nice but ...

I don't think I liked it.  Neither did my sibling, whose face sums up all our reactions.

Something big is happening, though, I think.  It feels like we're getting ready.

I think we might be getting our new families soon!